MF 385 Tractor Price In Pakistan Today 2024

The MF 385 tractor, manufactured by Millat Tractors Limited, is a popular model in Pakistan’s tractor industry. It comes in both 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive variants with 85 HP engines. This versatile tractor is used for various agricultural and commercial purposes. 385 tractor price in pakistan today approximately Rs. 3,465,000, and it faces competition from New Holland’s NH Dabung 85HP tractor in the market, with a similar price range. Millat Tractors Limited is the leading market player in Pakistan’s tractor industry. Current price range of MF 385 tractor in Pakistan from Rs. 3,465,000 to Rs. 4,585,000 in Pakistan.

Introduction of Millat

Millat Tractor Limited is a famous tractor manufacturing company of Pakistan which has been striving to help farmers in the agricultural sector by manufacturing tractors in Pakistan since 1965. Millat Tractors Limited manufactures tractors in collaboration with the famous British company Massey Ferguson and has introduced many tractor models so far including MF 240 MF 350 MF 260 MF 360 MF 375 and MF 385. In this article we will tell you about the price and features of MF 385 tractor.

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Features of MF 385 Tractor

The Massey Ferguson MF 385 is a popular choice for farmers worldwide due to its robust features and versatility. Here are some of the prominent features that make the MF 385 an ideal choice for farmers.

  • High-efficiency diesel engine with low noise output.
  • Compliance with ECE R49 standards, resulting in reduced gaseous emissions.
  • Minimal smoke emissions.
  • Enhanced cooling with the inclusion of an oil cooler.
  • Hydrostatic power steering for precise control.
  • Efficient oil-immersed multi-disc brake system.
  • Comfortable spring suspension deluxe seat.
  • Convenient access to service and maintenance points.

Hydraulic System

The MF 385 Tractor boasts an efficient hydraulic system capable of lifting a maximum of 2,350 kg. This system incorporates a double-acting cylinder for precise control and a position control lever to set equipment at the desired height.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The MF 385 tractor has an oil storage capacity of 105 liters in its tank

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MF 385 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023

The MF 385 Tractor in Pakistan is considered expensive, with a price range ranging from PKR 3,465,000 to PKR 4,585,000. However, the paragraph suggests that its powerful features and specifications justify the cost, making it a valuable investment despite its high price.

MF 385 tractor price vary by model, condition, and dealer location. Currently, the price ranges from Rs. 3,465,000 to Rs. 4,585,000 in Pakistan

ModelTractor Price
MF 385 2WRs, 3,465,000
MF 385 4WRs, 4,585,000

385 tractor price in pakistan today

The price of 385 tractor in Pakistan varies depending on the model, year of manufacture, and dealer. As of Today, the price of a new MF 385 tractor in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 3,465,000 to Rs. 4,585,000.

Benefits of Choosing MF 385 Tractor?

The MF 385 Tractor is a great pick for farmers who need a dependable and cost-effective tractor. It comes with a strong engine that uses fuel efficiently. The transmission system is efficient, featuring dual-clutch and live PTO. The hydraulic system has a double-acting cylinder and a position control lever. With a big fuel tank, it can work for long hours without refueling. Plus, its stable and maneuverable design is thanks to a well-balanced wheelbase. Overall, it’s a reliable choice for farmers on a budget.

Features of MF 385 Tractor

Gross Weight2435 KG
Horsepower85 HP
PTO Power70 HP

MF 385 Tractor Booking and Delivery

Millat company makes the delivery of the tractor after 3 months of booking. The booking price of MF 385 tractor is currently 32,13000.  You can approach the registered dealers of Millat to get this tractor quickly.

MF 385 tractor price in pakistan


MF 385 is an affordable and standard tractor from Millat Tractors Limited. That is why it is such a favorite tractor among farmers. If you are involved in agriculture sector and looking for the best tractor then Massey Ferguson MF 385 tractor can be the best choice for you. The special feature of this tractor is that it has the power to operate all the small and big machinery due to which it easily fulfills all the needs of the farmers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

385 tractor price in Pakistan 2023 Today

Currently, the price ranges from Rs. 3,465,000 to Rs. 4,585,000 in Pakistan.

Massey ferguson 385 tractor price in pakistan today

MF 385 tractor price vary by model, condition, and dealer location. Currently, the price ranges from Rs. 3,465,000 to Rs. 4,585,000 in Pakistan.

Millat tractor Price in Pakistan

Millat Tractors Price List 2023 starts from PKR 2,190,000 and goes up to PKR 4,585,000.

385 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

The price of an MF 385 Tractor in 2024 Rs. 3,465,000 to Rs. 4,585,000 in Pakistan.

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