Fruit Picking and Packing Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship (€28 per hour)

Italy, renowned for its cultural heritage and culinary delights, offers a unique employment opportunity in fruit picking and packing, attracting workers globally. With a severe labor shortage since 2022, Italy welcomes foreign workers in various sectors, including agriculture. Let’s delve into the details of these jobs, their requirements, and how to apply.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Italy With Visa Sponsorship 2024


Italy’s diverse agricultural landscape, including vineyards and orchards, makes it an attractive destination for fruit picking jobs. These positions, coupled with visa sponsorship, provide a gateway for international workers to contribute to Italy’s thriving agricultural industry.

Why Italy for Fruit Picking Jobs?

Italy’s agricultural diversity, ranging from citrus orchards to vineyards, offers a range of experiences for workers. The steady demand for labor throughout the year ensures job availability.

Visa Sponsorship: A Game-Changer

Visa sponsorship bridges the gap between skilled labor and Italian employers, benefiting both parties and promoting cultural exchange and industry growth.

Requirements of Fruit Picking and Packing Jobs in Italy:

  1. Work permit or visa for non-EU citizens.
  2. Basic communication skills in Italian or English.
  3. Knowledge in farming, viticulture, or related fields is beneficial.
  4. Specialized training or licensing for specific tasks may be required.
  5. Proof of residence and financial stability.

Are Fruit Farm Jobs in Italy Permanent?

Fruit picking jobs in Italy vary from seasonal to year-round positions. Different visas, like the Type D Italian Worker Visa or Seasonal Worker Visa, cater to various employment durations.

Italy Seasonal Worker Visa Requirements:

  1. Permission to work from the employer.
  2. Permit to reside obtained locally.
  3. Proof of funds for visa application fees.

Average Pay for Unexperienced Fruit Pickers and Packers in Italy:

Fruit pickers earn approximately €28 per hour, with skilled workers potentially earning more based on hours worked and job type.

What Does a Fruit Picker Job in Italy Involve?

Tasks include tree maintenance, fruit harvesting, and post-harvest activities. Accommodation, meals, and training are often provided by employers.

Available Farm Jobs in Italy:

  1. EURES Italy Jobs: Apply through the European Commission’s job portal.
  2. Fram Jobs.It: Directly connect with Italian farmers.
  3. Job in the country – Coldiretti: Register for agricultural jobs.
  4. Agrijob – Confagricoltura: Explore job opportunities in agriculture.
  5. CIA – Agricoltori italiani: Register for updates on available positions.

Conclusion: Fruit picking and packing jobs in Italy offer a rewarding experience for international workers, contributing to Italy’s agricultural legacy. By meeting visa requirements and embracing cultural differences, workers can thrive in this vibrant industry.


Average Pay for Unexperienced Fruit Pickers and Packers in Italy:

Approximately €28 per hour.

Typical Difficulties for International Employees in Italy

Cultural and language barriers can pose challenges but can be overcome with perseverance and support.

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