honda 125 price in pakistan 2024 self start

The Honda 125 has long been a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts in Pakistan, known for its reliability, performance, and iconic design. One of the key features that riders look for in modern motorcycles is the self start mechanism, offering convenience and ease of use. In this article, we are providing important information about the current honda 125 price in pakistan self start.

Honda 125 Price In Pakistan self start 2024

The current price of Honda CG 125 Self Start motorcycle in Pakistan is Rs 282,900

The Evolution of Honda 125:

Over the past several years, the Honda 125 has undergone several changes, as per the demands of the riders. One such change is the inclusion of a self-start feature, which gives riders a hassle-free start-up experience. This increase has gained attention, especially in a market where the value of convenience is increasing.

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Honda 125 Self Start Motorcycle Colors:

Honda CG 125 self-start Motorcycle available in two closures Black & Red.

Current Price in Pakistan:

As of the latest information available, the Honda 125 self-start price in Pakistan is 282,900 Pakistani Rupees. This price point positions the motorcycle as a competitive choice for riders seeking a balance between performance and affordability.

Honda 125 self start price in pakistan 2023

As of today, December 2023, the Current price of the Honda 125 self-start in Pakistan is PKR 282,900.

Honda 125 price in pakistan self start

Features and Specifications:

Beyond its self-start feature, the Honda 125 boasts a range of specifications that contribute to its popularity. The motorcycle typically features a robust engine, efficient fuel consumption, and a design that blends style with functionality. These qualities make it suitable for both daily commuting and recreational riding.

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Technical specifications:

Engine 4 stock 125cc
StarterSelf Start
Seat height765 mm
Petrol capacity9.2 Litter
Tire on front2.50-18 (38p)
Tire on back2.00-17 (50p)
Weight108 KG

Market Dynamics:

Understanding the market dynamics is crucial for potential buyers. The price of the Honda 125 with self-start is influenced by factors such as global economic conditions, exchange rates, and local manufacturing costs. Additionally, demand and supply play a significant role in determining the pricing strategy adopted by Honda in the Pakistani market.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction:

To gain a comprehensive perspective, it’s essential to consider customer reviews and satisfaction levels. Enthusiasts often share their experiences with the Honda 125, shedding light on aspects like performance, durability, and after-sales service. Positive reviews can bolster the reputation of the motorcycle, influencing the buying decisions of potential customers.


The  Honda 125 with self-start continues to be a popular choice among riders in Pakistan, offering a combination of reliability and modern features. While the price of 2,500,00 Pakistani Rupees places it in a competitive range, potential buyers should weigh the specifications, market dynamics, and customer feedback before making a purchase decision. As the motorcycle market evolves, Honda’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction ensures that the Honda 125 remains a contender in the ever-growing two-wheeler landscape.

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