Latest Honda 70 Price In Pakistan 2024

The Honda 70 is the most loved and best-selling motorcycle in Pakistan.  Honda Company sold 1 million CD70 motorcycles last year. Honda 70 is the most popular four-stroke motorcycle in Pakistan. It was introduced in 1984 as a replacement for the 2-stroke motorcycle.  Launched in 2024, the Honda 70 has received several upgrades and changes. In this blog post we will provide you with complete detailed information about the Honda 70 Price in Pakistan.

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Brief overview of Honda 70

The Honda 70, a 70cc motorcycle with a four-speed manual transmission, competed with two-stroke small capacity motorcycles. Originally branded “Honda 70” and rebranded “Honda CD70”, it remains popular in Pakistan.

Honda 70 price in pakistan?

The Honda 70 in Pakistan is priced at Rs.157,900, unchanged since August 2023. Despite an increase of Rs.63,000 since 2022, it remains a popular motorcycle due to its fuel efficiency, easy parts availability, and quick resale value.

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How many colors are available for Honda 70?

Honda CD 70 is available in three classic colors in Pakistan.

  • Red ♥️
  • Black 🖤
  • Blue 💙

What is the fuel average of Honda 70?

The Honda 70’s fuel average, influenced by riding style, maintenance, and road conditions, typically ranges from 70 to 75 km per liter under ideal conditions. To get the best fuel efficiency from your Honda 70, you should follow some tips, such as:

  • Keep the tyre pressure optimal
  • Use the original air filter
  • Avoid excessive acceleration and braking
  • Maintain a moderate speed of up to 60 km/h
  • Get your bike tuned by Honda certified mechanics
  • Change the oil regularly

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Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan

The Price of a New Honda CD 70 in Pakistan is range from PKR 157,900 to 168,900

ModelNew price
Honda CD 70Rs157,900
Honda CD70 DreamRs168,900

What is the top speed of Honda 70?

The speed of the Honda 70 motorcycle is 58 miles (93) km/h. However, this may vary depending on the model, year, and modifications of the motorcycle.

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2024

The Honda CD 70, currently priced at PKR 157,900, is the highest-selling bike in Pakistan due to factors such as fuel average, engine specifications, and top speed.

Honda 70 price in pakistan

Honda CD 70 Prons & Cons

Every bike has some advantages and disadvantages The advantages and disadvantages of Honda 70 are detailed below.


  • All Parts Available in local market
  • Best Fuel Average
  • Easy Repairable Engine
  • Quick sell
  • Strong and Durable Brakes
  • Easy to Use


  • Old Design
  • Limited Color options
  • Not For Long Range
  • Quality low
  • Lack of Features
Honda 70 price in pakistan

what is the price of Honda 70 in Pakistan

As of today the Curren price of Honda 70 in Pakistan is 157,900

Fuel Average of Honda CD 70

Honda 70 fuel average Is 70 to 75 km

Honda CD 70 top speed

Top speed of Honda CD 70 is 58 mph 93 km

Colors in Honda 70 in pakistan

Honda CD 70 available in Pakistan in 3 colors: Red ♥️, Black 🖤, Blue 💙

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