Sona Urea Price in Pakistan Today 2023 Good News for Farmers

Agriculture is practiced over a vast area of ​​Pakistan. Fertilizers are an important ingredient for crops. Today in this article we will provide you complete information about Sona urea price in pakistan. SONA Urea fertilizer is a nitrogenous fertilizer containing 46% nitrogen and other components. Sona urea are essential factors for all crops.

60% of Pakistan’s population is related to agriculture. Agriculture accounts for 40% of Pakistan’s annual gross domestic product (GDP).

The price of gold urea in Pakistan today has a significant impact on the agricultural production of the country. In this article, we will analyze fertilizer prices in Pakistan, including what it is, how fertilizer prices are determined, what factors influence it,

DAP fertilizer price in pakistan 2023 | Khad Rate in Pakistan Today

As of December 2023, the current price of Sona Urea in Pakistan pr 50 KG bag range from PKR 5,000 per 50kg bag. At this time the wheat crop is close to irrigation and urea fertilizer is very necessary at the first irrigation due to which black mafia is on the rise.

Today Urea price in Pakistan

As of today, December 2023, the price of Sona Urea per 50kg bag in Pakistan was PKR 4950.

CompanyPrice (PKR/50kg)
Fauji Fertilizer (Sona Urea)5,000
Fatima Fertilizer (Babar Sher Urea)4,950
Engro Fertilizers (Engro Urea)4,950
Sarsabz (Sarsabz urea)4,900

    Fertilizer overview in Pakistan

    The major crops grown in Pakistan include wheat, rice, sugarcane, cotton and maize. Pakistan It is also a major producer of fruits and vegetables, including mangoes, apples, citrus fruits, etc., and vegetables such as potatoes, onions, and tomatoes, etc. FFC Fertilizers of Engro and Lush companies are the most sold in Pakistan. Most of the farmers use Sona Urea or Engro Urea, Sona DAP or Engro DAP and Lush Nitrophos.

    Sona Urea Price in Pakistan

    Factor affecting the price of Sona Urea

    There are several factors that affecting the price of Sona urea

    • Demand and consumption
    • Government policies
    • Production and supply
    • Transportation Costs
    • Distribution network
    • Black market activities

    Price List of Fuji Fertilizer

    The recommended price of Sona Urea Granular 50 kg is Rs.3795.

    Sona Urea Pearl 50 Kg Recommended price is Rs.3410.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Sona Urea Price in Pakistan today 2023

    As of today the price of Sona urea price in pakistan is 5,000

    FFC urea price in Pakistan today

    Current price in pakistan Fatima fertilizer price in pakistan is 4,950

    What is the rate of Sona urea in Pakistan?

    As of today the price of Sona Urea is Rs, 5,000

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