Wheat Rate in Pakistan Today 2024 | wheat Price In Pakistan

Today, the wheat price in Pakistan Range between 4,600 to 5,000 Rupees per 40 Kg, approximately 125 Rs per KG. Despite the Government of Pakistan’s recommended minimum support price of 4,000 Rupees per 40 Kg, the lack of control on wheat prices has led to higher rates.

Today, the wheat Price in Pakistan is 4,600 to 5,000 Rupees per 40 Kg . Almost 125 Rs Per KG wheat price in Pakistan.

Wheat price in pakistan

Wheat is an important nutrient essential to all human beings. It is produced in only a few countries, so any increase or decrease in production affects wheat prices.

Wheat production in Pakistan

Pakistan, with its predominantly agrarian landscape, relies heavily on agriculture to sustain its rural populace. Wheat, standing as the second-largest crop within Pakistan, assumes a vital role in the nation’s agricultural sector. The country proudly ranks as the eighth-largest global wheat producer, annually yielding a substantial 30 million tons of this essential grain. Despite this substantial production capacity, Pakistan finds itself in a position of wheat insufficiency, necessitating the importation of wheat from nations like Russia and others to fulfill its domestic demands.

The Importance of Wheat in Pakistan

Pakistan, an agrarian nation, relies heavily on agriculture, with approximately 60% of its populace directly or indirectly engaged in this sector for sustenance. Wheat serves as the primary food staple for most, while also holding significant economic importance as a cash crop, covering around 13% of the cultivated land and contributing 3% to the GDP. Despite ranking 8th globally in wheat production, averaging about 25 million tons annually, Pakistan remains a net importer of wheat, attributed to robust domestic demand juxtaposed with relatively low productivity levels.

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wheat Rate in Pakistan today

Today, wheat price in Pakistan is 4700 to 5000 rupees per 40 kg.  The Punjab government had fixed the support price of wheat for the year 2023-24 at Rs 4000 per 40 kg.  However, due to the poor policy of the Punjab government, wheat is being sold more than the control rate. This article covers the reasons for rising wheat prices in Pakistan today.

Wheat price in Punjab 2024

Wheat price in Punjab today are different from city to city. Prices of some major cities of Punjab are given below. Wheat price in Punjab range from PKR 4,600, to 4,800.

Wheat price in Punjab Per 40 KG

City name Minimum price PKRMaximum price PKR
Yazman Mandi4,6004,780
Rahim Yar Khan4,6304,750
Gujranwala 4,8004,990
Sikhupura 4,7604,900
Gujrat 4,7004,880
Narowal 4,6304,880
Mandi bahuldin4,6704,700
Shiwal 4,7504,800
Mirpur Khas4,7004,790
Arifwala 4,7504,810
Kamoke 4,9005,020
Narang Mandi4,8004,980
Sialkot 4,6904,760
Faisalabad 4,6504,680

Wheat price in Sindh today 2024

Wheat price in Sindh range Rs, 4,650, to Rs, 4,800. All major cities of Sindh price details available in below 👇 table.

Wheat price in Sindh Per 40 KG

City NameMinimum Price PKRMaximum Price PKR
Nawab Shah4,6004,780
Mirpur Khas4,6894,750

Wheat Rate in KPK today 2024

Wheat Rate in KPK different from City to city the average price range from PKR 4,700 to PKR 4900. All major cities of KPK wheat price details available in below 👇 table.

Wheat price in KPK per 40 KG

City NameMinimum Price PKRMaximum Price PKR
Dera Ismail Khan4,7004,880

wheat Rate in Balochistan Today 2024

wheat Rate in Balochistanper 40 KG

City NameMinimum Price PKRMaximum Price PKR

40 kg wheat price in Pakistan today

Thus, due to the existing conditions in Pakistan, the prices of wheat keep fluctuating, the prices of wheat keep going down or up. Apart from this, the rate of wheat is different in every province and every city. Currently, the price of 40 kg of wheat in Pakistan is an average of 4800 to 5000.

Reasons for the increase in wheat Price in Pakistan

Many factors influence the fall and rise in wheat prices such as supply and demand imbalance and decline in average yield.

The following factors are responsible for the rise in wheat prices.

  • Domestic Production
  • Global Supply and Demand
  • Lack of technology


Various environmental factors cause increase or decrease in wheat production. Apart from this, wheat production also depends on some natural resources such as low rainfall, floods, all these factors lead to reduction in wheat production.

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Supply and Demand

Imbalance of demand and supply of wheat also causes increase in wheat prices. Since Pakistan is not self-sufficient in wheat production, Pakistan has to import enough of its wheat from other countries, which causes an increase in wheat prices.

Lack of technology in agriculture

Wheat production in Pakistan is very less than international standards. Pakistan is making innovations in agricultural technology, modern machinery, fertilizers, and agro-medicines to increase its average production every year, leading to an increase in wheat prices.

Challenges in Wheat Production

  1. Water Scarcity
  2. Outdated Farming Practices
  3. Pest and Disease Management
  4. Climate Change


Wheat assumes a significant economic role in Pakistan. As per the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, in the fiscal year 2022-23, wheat is projected to contribute 3% to the nation’s overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Beyond its economic impact, wheat serves as a vital source of employment, engaging a substantial 60% of Pakistan’s population.

Today Wheat Rate in Pakistan 2023

wheat price in Pakistan varies from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5050 per 40 KG.

40 KG wheat price in pakistan

40 KG wheat price in pakistan today is 4600 to 4800 in Pakistan

What is the price of 1 kg wheat?

1 KG wheat price is 115 to 125 kg

Wheat Rate in Sindh

Sindh Province wheat price is Rs 4700 to Rs. 5,000 PKR

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