Atta price in pakistan Today 2023

Currently, in Pakistan, Atta price in pakistan a ranges from Rs. 150 to 180, contingent on its variety and brand. Prices differ across stores and regions. For example, Atta crafted from premium wheat flour commands a higher price compared to the standard variety found in the market. Additionally, procuring Atta directly from the mill might offer a more favorable price.

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Flour holds significant importance in our daily lives, being an essential commodity in every household. Its consistent usage prompts us to stay informed about its daily market prices, ensuring we can make informed decisions. The Commissioner of Karachi has recently established official prices for flour, following a similar approach taken with sugar. As per the official notification, the wholesale price for two and a half ration flour is set at Rs 123, the ex-mill rate for fine flour and regular flour is Rs 130, and the retail price stands at Rs 148 per kilogram. Notably, the price of milled flour from certain small mills has been adjusted to Rs 140 per kg. The Commissioner emphasizes a relief of 5 to 10 rupees per kg in flour prices, and stringent measures will be taken against those who fail to adhere to the official pricing, ensuring compliance within the market.

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20 kg atta price in pakistan today

20 KG atta price in Pakistan varies depending on the brand, and quality, However, as of today, the price of 20 kg atta in Pakistan are as follows:

The Price of 20 kg of flour in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 2800 to Rs. 2900. The government subsidies flour, known as Sarkari Atta, is price at Rs. 1420. Meanwhile, the price of 10 kg of flour in Pakistan is between Rs. 1730 and Rs. 1820.

The price of 10 kilograms of flour in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 1820 to Rs. 1850, with the government-set price for official flour at Rs. 1250.

atta price in pakistan

Atta in Pakistan varies depending on the brand, quality, and region. However, as of today, the following are the approximate prices of atta in Pakistan:

What is Atta

Flour is a finely ground powder produced by grinding raw grains, roots, beans, nuts, or seeds. It serves as a key component in numerous breads, pastries, and baked items. While wheat flour stands as the most frequently employed variety, culinary traditions worldwide incorporate alternatives like rice flour, corn flour, and chickpea flour. The protein content and gluten characteristics of flour fluctuate based on the specific grain or ingredient utilized in its production, influencing the baking attributes of the flour.

Atta price in pakistan Today 2023

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