LPG gas price in pakistan today – today LPG Rate 2023

The current LPG gas price in pakistan is Rs 251 per kg. These prices are set by the Pakistan Oil and gas Regulatory Authority OGRA. These prices are inclusive of 18% General Sales Tax. LPG is used in most homes in Pakistan for cooking while it is also used in some vehicles.

Factors Affected LPG Price in Pakistan

The LPG market in Pakistan is different reasons Affected.

  • Global oil prices
  • Currency exchange rate
  • Government taxes and subsidy
  • Supply and demand
  • Seasonal factors

Global oil prices

The increase in global oil prices causes the price of LPG gas to rise in Pakistan. LPG is a petroleum product due to which its prices are dependent on global crude oil prices

Currency exchange rate

LPG gas is imported into Pakistan due to which its price is closely related to the rise or fall in the value of the rupee. Due to appreciation of rupee against dollar, the price of LP in Pakistan decreases

Government taxes and subsidy

The Government of Pakistan applies various taxes on the price of LPG gas along with the government also provides subsidies to the consumers. The final price of LPG is determined only after subsidy and taxes are levied.

supply and demand

Locally, factors such as seasonal variations in demand, infrastructure constraints, and production capacity also contribute to the increase in LPG prices. Understanding these dynamics helps predict and respond to market changes.

Seasonal factors

The price of LPG gas is also affected by weather factors. For example, demand for LPG increases during the winter months when people use more LPG for cooking and heating. This increases LPG prices during winter months.

Finally, LPG gas prices in Pakistan are affected by various factors such as global oil prices, supply and demand, weather factors, government policies, currency exchange rate. All these factors together determine the LPG gas price in Pakistan.

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LPG cylinder price in Pakistan

LPG cylinder price in Pakistan depending on the size of cylinder. However, as of today the following are the approximate prices of LPG cylinders in Pakistan:

  • Domestic cylinder (11.8 kg): Rs. 3,080-3,200
  • Commercial cylinder (45 kg): s. Rs. 11,849

LPG price in Pakistan today

As of today, the anticipated cost for one kilogram of LPG gas in Pakistan is approximately Rs. 251-270. It’s crucial to recognize that these prices are subject to various influences, such as international oil rates, currency exchange fluctuations, governmental taxes and subsidies, as well as shifts in supply and demand dynamics.

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LPG gas price in Pakistan

As of today the price of LPG gas in Pakistan is Rs. 261 per kilogram. The price of an 11.8 kg domestic cylinder is Rs. 3,080 and the price of a 45.4 kg commercial cylinder is Rs. 11,849.

LPG QuantityToday price
LPG pr KG Rs, 261-270
Domestic cylinder (11.8 KG)Rs, 3,080-3,200
Commercial cylinder (45 KG)Rs. 11,849

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