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Cement industry is the major industry of Pakistan which has grown significantly in the last few years. Today we are providing important information about cement price in pakistan. Pakistan being a developing country, houses, shops, and factories are being built a lot. Cement plays an important role in the construction of all these. Cement is a basic component of the construction industry. Some of the major cement companies operating in Pakistan include Askari Cement, Patnawa Cement, Maple Leaf, DG Khan Cement, and Bestway Cement. Now we will provide information about cement price in pakistan with complete details. Various factors contribute to the increase in cement price in Pakistan including production cost, supply and demand imbalance, and poor government policies.

Cement is the main ingredient used in construction, which is prepared by grinding calcined, lime, stone, and clay. Cement is one of the main ingredients used in concrete.


In Pakistan, cement production is the main economic activity that underpins building development. It is an important part of the flow of Pakistan’s construction industry and is important for the country’s small to large development projects.

Cement production started in Pakistan after 1947 and gradually increased in parallel with the launch of development projects. There are many cement companies operating in Pakistan which are manufacturing cement with their own uniqueness in different regions.

The industry contributes greatly to the preparation of the country’s economic plans, and also has an impact on social customs. Cement production requires specialized expertise which creates more employment opportunities.

Access to materials and technology for cement production in Pakistan is also provided to produce the best quality cement and successfully complete construction projects.

Through this important segment of cement production, Pakistan is fast-tracking the path of social and economic development and making modern small to large scale development projects possible.

cement rate today

Cement rate in Pakistan varies from different companies. At present, the rate of a bag of cement in Pakistan is on an average from 1050 to 1150. In recent times, cement prices have seen an increase due to depreciation of the rupee and other reasons.

Factors Affecting Cement Prices in Pakistan

Following are the factors affecting cement prices in Pakistan:

Transportation costs

Cement transportation and storage costs also affect cement prices to a great extent.

Brand and quality

Higher branded cement prices are generally higher than lower branded cement prices. This is because top branded cement is usually manufactured with high quality materials and processes.

supply and demand

An increase in market demand increases cement prices, while an increase in market supply decreases cement prices.

Economic factors

Inflation, exchange rates and government policies can also affect cement prices

Government policies

Government policies largely influence the increase in the price of cement. Government imposes sales tax on cement which increases the production cost of cement. In addition, import and export of cement affects the supply in the local market, causing price fluctuations.

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cement price in pakistan

Cement CompanyPrice Per Bag
Fauji CementRs. 1150
Bestway CementRs. 1100
Lucky CementRs. 1130
Maple Leaf Cement Rs. 1195
DG CementRs. 1200
Kohat CementRs. 1150
Flying CementRs. 1100
Askari CementRs. 1080
Attock CementRs. 1130
Power CementRs. 1170
Cement price in pakistan today 2023

Pakistani cement companies

  • Askari Cement Limited
  • Bestway Cement limited company
  • DG Khan Cement Company
  • Fauji Cement Limited
  • Flying Cement Company Limited
  • Gharibwal Cement limited company
  • Kohat Cement limited company
  • Lucky Cement Ltd
  • Maple Leaf Cement Factory Ltd

Which is No 1 cement in Pakistan?

Maple Leaf Cement,
D.G.Khan Cement Limited,
Bestway Cement Limited,
Lucky Cement Limited

What is cement price in Pakistan today

1050 to 1150 cement price in pakistan

Kohat Cement 50kg price today

Kohat Cement 50kg bags price is 1140

Fauji Cement price per bag today in Pakistan

Fuji cement 50 KG price is 1150 to 1200

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