Al Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan Today 2024

If you looking about Al Ghazi Tractor Prices 2024 in Pakistan then you are the right place. Al Ghazi Tractors Limited, a leading Pakistani tractor manufacturer, offers a diverse range of models with competitive prices, catering to farmers of all sizes, varying in horsepower ratings and features.

The price details of Al Ghazi tractors in Pakistan range from PKR 2,194,000 to PKR 4,575,000, offering a diverse range of models and specifications. Understanding these prices is crucial for farmers to make informed decisions and improve productivity in their farming operations.

In 2024, Al Ghazi Tractors has increase your price, its new pricing list, indicating an increase in tractor prices by up to Rs. 400,000. The updated price range for AGTL tractor models now spans from PKR 2,200,000 to PKR 4,575,000.

Al Ghazi Tractors Ltd, commonly known as AGTL, holds a prestigious position as a well-established and renowned tractor manufacturer in Pakistan. Their 2024 tractor pricing, along with detailed specifications and reviews for all available models in Pakistan, is now accessible. AGTL proudly manufactures tractors utilizing New Holland technology, known for its efficient engine power. Pakistan stands as a global hub for producing economical and affordable tractors, often attracting customers from foreign nations. It’s worth noting that Millat Tractors Ltd. serves as a robust competitor to AGTL in this industry. Al Ghazi Tractor Prices 2023

Al Ghazi Tractor Prices 2024 in Pakistan

Al Ghazi Tractors, a prominent tractor manufacturer in Pakistan, integrates New Holland technology into its diverse range of tractor models. Prices for Al Ghazi Tractors fluctuat e based on model distinctions and specifications. Below is a table detailing the most recent prices of Al Ghazi Tractors as of January 2024:

Tractor ModelHPNew Price
NH-480 PP55HP2,278,000
NH Dabung85 HP3,430,000
NH-70-56 4WD85HP4,575,000

Booking Procedure

Al Ghazi Tractors offers a nationwide dealership network in each district, allowing customers to book their tractor by submitting the full price in any Bank of Pakistan. Delivery time can vary, but a specific date is provided. If customers cannot wait for delivery, they can purchase directly from private showrooms, with market prices varying.

About Al Ghazi tractor limited

Al Ghazi Tractors limited, established in 1970, is a leading Pakistani company specializing in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery, including tractors, harvesters, and tillage equipment, known for its robustness, dependability, and cost-effectiveness, making it a preferred choice among farmers.

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Specifications of Al Ghazi Tractor

A primary benefit of Al Ghazi tractors lies in their affordability. When compared to other tractor brands in Pakistan tractor market today’s, Ghazi tractors provide exceptional value for the money invested. Several key factors influence the pricing of Ghazi tractors in Pakistan.

Ghazi Tractors, renowned for their exceptional performance and durability, are a popular choice for various industries in Pakistan.

  • Powerful engines that can handle even the toughest jobs.
  • Durable transmissions that can withstand the rigors of daily use
  • Beautiful cabins with comfortable seats and Glasses.
  • Easy-to-use and easy to drive controls and maintenance features.
  • A wide range of attachments available to suit different needs
Al Ghazi tractor price in pakistan today

What is the difference between Al Ghazi and other tractor brands?

Numerous tractor brands populate the market, each boasting unique features and specifications. Al Ghazi, a leading tractor manufacturer in Pakistan, distinguishes itself by producing a variety of models under the New Holland brand¹. Notable disparities between Al Ghazi and other tractor brands include:

  • Al Ghazi tractors exhibit a greater lift capacity compared to many competitors, ranging from 3637 to 4740 lb, enabling them to effortlessly manage heavier loads and attachments.
  • Al Ghazi tractors possess a lower operating weight in the range of 3902 to 4630 lb, enhancing fuel efficiency and maneuverability in the field.
  • Al Ghazi boasts a more extensive product lineup than most competitors, presenting 14 different models with diverse horsepower, transmission, and wheel configurations, effectively addressing various customer preferences.
  • Al Ghazi enjoys a robust market presence relative to its counterparts, with a network exceeding 200 dealers and service centers throughout Pakistan, ensuring superior customer support and post-sales service.

Ghazi tractor 65 HP price in Pakistan 2024

Al Ghazi 65 HP tractor price is 2,550,000

Ghazi Tractor 640 Price in Pakistan 2024

NH 640 tractor price is 3,430,000

Al Ghazi 480 price in pakistan

Al Ghazi 480 price is 2,194,000

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