Millat Tractor Price List 2024 All Models

Millat Tractor Price list update on 2024. Pakistan is an agricultural country which is mostly dependent on agriculture. Every citizen of Pakistan is directly or indirectly related to agriculture. Agriculture plays the backbone of Pakistani economy. Agriculture is impossible without tractors Millat Tractor Company is a famous tractor manufacturing company in Pakistan which has introduced different Tractors models since 1964. On this page we will tell about the Millat Tractor Price in Pakistan.

Millat Tractors Limited Company is a famous tractor manufacturing company in Pakistan which manufactures and sells Massey Ferguson tractors. The production unit of this company is in Lahore Punjab Pakistan where it started operations in 1964.

Millat Tractors Limited, a prominent Pakistani company established in 1964, specializes in crafting top-notch tractors and agricultural machinery. Over the years, they’ve developed an extensive lineup of tractors tailored to meet the demands of farmers and agricultural professionals. Additionally, the pricing of Millat Tractors can fluctuate based on the specific features and model selected.

Massey Tractor Price in Pakistan

Millat tractor price features

Millat tractors are the top priority of farmers in Pakistan. Millat tractors are popular among farmers due to their unique features. Millat tractor have the following features.


Millat’s tractors range from 50, 60, 75 and 85 horsepower, making them capable of everything from plowing fields to lifting heavy loads.

Easy Maintenance

The design of Millat tractors prioritizes easy maintenance, incorporating uncomplicated and direct maintenance protocols. This minimizes operational downtime and guarantees that the tractors consistently remain in optimal condition.

Comfortable Cabins

The Millat tractor cabin are made to be as comfortable as possible for drivers and customers. They have easy-to-use controls, comfy chairs, and air conditioning systems.

Fuel Efficiency

Tractors from Millat are designed to be fuel-efficient and use less fuel compared to other tractors in their class. The use of cutting-edge technologies and effective engines allows for it.

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Millat tractor price list 2023

Millat Tractors Limited Company has increased the prices twice on 2024. Last month, due to the declining economy of Pakistan and the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the dollar, the company has significantly increased the prices of all tractor models.

Millat tractor price October 31 2023

Tractor Model HPPrice
MF 24050Rs. 2,190,000
MF 26060Rs. 2,550,000
MF 36060Rs. 2,690,000
MF 37575Rs. 3,345,000
MF 375-4W75Rs. 4,500,000
MF 385-2W85Rs. 3,465,000
MF 385-4w85Rs. 4,585,000

240 tractor price in pakistan

MF 240 tractor is the oldest and smallest model of Millat company. MF 240 tractor consists of 3 cylinder and 50 HP engine. Price of MF 240 tractor is 2,190,000

260 Tractor Price in Pakistan

MF 260 Tractor is a 60 HP and double wheel tractor which is the top priority of farmers. MF 260 tractor features turbo engine, high PTO shaft, disc brake, double clutch. Price of 260 is 2,590,000 and 260 special model price is 2,690,000.

385 tractor price in pakistan

MF 385 tractor is an 85 horsepower tractor which is the best selling tractor ever. It is a strong and durable tractor with pressure steering, powerful engine, high PTO shaft, and double clutch. The price of 385 tractor is 3,465,000 and 385 4W price is 4,585,000


What is the price of 240 Millat tractor in Pakistan?

Millat MF 240 Tractor Price is Rs. 2,190,000

What is the price of Millat 385 in Pakistan 2023?

Millat MF 385 Tractor Price is Rs. 3,465,000

What is the price of tractor new model 2023 in Pakistan?

MF 240 price is: 2,190,000
MF 260 price is: 2,550,000
MF 375 price is: 3,345,000
MF 385 price is: 3,465,000
MF 385-4W price is: 4,585,000

Millat tractor Price 260

Millat MF 260 price is 2,550,000

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