MF 385 Deluxe Model Price in Pakistan Features and Specifications

Millat Tractors Limited is well-known in Pakistan for making strong and dependable tractors. Farmers and tractor fans trust them because of their commitment to quality and new ideas. Now, they’re bringing in the powerful MF 385 Deluxe model, making a big impact in their lineup.

As of today the current price of MF 385 deluxe Model in Pakistan is Rs 3,775,000.

MF 385 Deluxe Key Features


  • The MF 385 Deluxe boasts a high-performance engine with impressive specifications:
  • Horsepower: It delivers 85 HP, ensuring efficient and effective farm operations.
  • Torque: The engine generates substantial torque, allowing it to handle heavy-duty tasks effortlessly.
  • Fuel Efficiency: With advanced fuel management, the MF 385 Deluxe optimizes fuel consumption, reducing operational costs.


  • The tractor features a smooth and reliable transmission system:
  • Gear Options: It offers multiple gear options, allowing operators to adapt to various field conditions.
  • Performance Impact: The well-designed transmission enhances overall performance, ensuring seamless gear shifts and improved productivity.


  • The MF 385 Deluxe’s hydraulic system is a standout feature:
  • Lifting Capacity: It can lift heavy loads with ease, making it suitable for various implements like plows, harrows, and seeders.
  • Compatibility: The hydraulic system is compatible with a wide range of attachments, enhancing versatility on the farm.

Comfort and Technology

  • Millat Tractors has prioritized operator comfort and technological advancements:
  • Ergonomic Improvements: The MF 385 Deluxe offers a comfortable seat, easy-to-reach controls, and a user-friendly layout.
  • Technological Advancements: It incorporates modern technology for better efficiency, safety, and ease of use.
MF 385 deluxe Model Price in Pakistan

MF 385 Deluxe Model Price in Pakistan

The MF 385 Deluxe comes at a competitive price, considering its robust features and performance capabilities. Farmers looking for reliability and value for money will find this tractor appealing.

Where to Buy the MF 385 Deluxe Tractor

Authorized Millat Tractors dealerships across Pakistan offer the MF 385 Deluxe. Visit your nearest dealership to explore the tractor in person and get expert advice.

Why Choose the MF 385 Deluxe

  • Reliability: Millat Tractors’ legacy ensures a reliable and durable machine.
  • Performance: The MF 385 Deluxe delivers consistent power and efficiency.
  • Versatility: With its hydraulic capabilities and compatibility, it suits various farming needs.

Differences Between the MF 385 and MF 385 Deluxe Models

While both models share the same base, the Deluxe version offers enhanced features, including better ergonomics, improved technology, and increased lifting capacity.

Customer Reviews for the MF 385 Deluxe Model in Pakistan

Farmers who have used the MF 385 Deluxe appreciate its performance, reliability, and value. Positive reviews highlight its suitability for diverse agricultural tasks.


The MF 385 Deluxe is a big deal for Pakistani farmers. This tractor is a strong and powerful tractor. Which was launched by Millat Company on the occasion of its 60 year celebration.

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