All New Tractor Price In Pakistan Today 2024

Agriculture is impossible in this modern age without tractors. Being an agricultural country, Pakistan has a huge market for tractors. Tractors are one of the most important needs of today’s farming and commercial use. Pakistan is an agricultural country with the largest cultivable area. The tractor market in Pakistan is huge. Today we will tell you about the latest tractor price in Pakistan in 2023.

Millat Tractor Price List

Tractor prices in Pakistan range from 2,100,000 to 5,900,000. All tractor prices vary depending on models and horsepower. This page provides complete information about prices of all tractor companies, Millat Tractors Ltd, Ghazi Tractors Ltd, IMT, and Belarus tractors.

Following are the famous tractor manufacturing companies in Pakistan.

  • Millat Tractors Limited (Massey Ferguson)
  • Al Ghazi Tractor Ltd (New Holland)
  • Bill Power – IMT
  • Bela Rus tractor

Millat Tractors Limited (Massey Ferguson)

Millat Tractors Limited is the largest tractor manufacturing company in Pakistan with a 50% share in the tractor market of Pakistan. Millat Company offers various models of tractors from 50 horse power to 85 horse power in Pakistan. Among which MF 260 which is 60 horse power tractor and MF 385 which is 85 horse power tractor are the top priority of farmers nowadays. Millat Company has an annual production capacity of 4,0000 tractors.

Al Ghazi Tractor Ltd (New Holland)

After Millat Company Fat Tractor Limited also known as Ghazi Tractor Limited is the second largest company in the Pakistani tractor market which holds about 15% market share. It is a European company. Al Ghazi Tractor Limited is a joint project of two major companies, Fiat and New Holland. Al Ghazi Tractor Limited manufactures various tractor models ranging from 55 Horsepower to 85 Horsepower.

Bull Power (IMT)

Bull Power is the third largest tractor company in Pakistan whose tractors are known for their robust, durable, and excellent performance. Bull power Tractor Company manufactures 50 to 80 horsepower tractors. The headquarters of IMT is located in Karachi. Bull Power Committee’s tractor design is similar to Millat design. Bull Power offers various tractor models with distinct features which are detailed below.

Belarus tractor Limited

Belarus tractor is a Russian made tractor that is famous for its strong engine and high performance. Belarus tractors are also known as Russian tractors in Pakistan. Belarus tractors are manufactured by the famous Tractor Manufacturing Company (MTZ) based in Minsk. Belarus Tractor introduces 50 horsepower to 80 horsepower tractors in Pakistan. Belarus tractor prices are presented below.

massey tractor price in pakistan

Different models of Massey Ferguson tractors have different prices. Prices of all models of Millat Tractors Ltd (Massey Ferguson) are given below with details.

Millat tractor price in pakistan
Tractor ModelHPNew price
MF 240502,190,000
MF 350 Plus502,700,000
MF 260602,550,000
MF 360-2WD602,690,000
MF 375-2WD753,345,000
MF 375-4WD754,500,000
MF 385-2WD853,465,000
MF 385-4WD854,585,000
MF 360-4WD603,795,000
MF 260 SE603,795,000

240 tractor price in pakistan

MF 240 is the most popular and oldest tractor of Millat Tractors Ltd. This tractor is a 2 wheel tractor with 50 horse power diesel engine. Currently, the price of MF 240 in Pakistan is Rs. 2,190,000.

260 tractor price in pakistan

The MF 260 tractor is equipped with a 60 horsepower turbocharged engine. It is known for its durability, high performance, and fuel efficiency and oil cooler has been used to keep the oil cool. This 2 wheel tractor is a tractor with unique features with double clutch. At present the price of MF 260 tractor is Rs. 2,550,000.

385 tractor price in pakistan

MF 385 2 wheel and 4 wheel tractors. It is a low noise and low smoke emitting tractor. This tractor is reliable and popular for its features besides hydraulic pressure steering and disc brakes. This is currently the top priority of farmers in Pakistan. It is the most preferred tractor in the market. At present massey tractor 385 price in pakistan of MF 385 2 wheel is Rs. 3,465,000 and the MF 385 4-wheeler costs Rs. 4,585,000.

Fiat 480 tractor price in pakistan

ghazi tractor price in pakistan

Ghazi Tractor Limited is a prominent tractor company of Pakistan that manufactures tractors and other agricultural equipment with its manufacturing plant located in Dera Ghazi Khan. There are different models of Ghazi tractors in Pakistan with the following prices.
fiat tractor price in pakistan.

Al Ghazi tractor price in pakistan

Al Ghazi tractor price 2023

Tractor model HPPrice
NH- 480552,194,000
NH-480 Power Plus552,278,000
NH Dabung853,430,000
NH-70-56 4WD854,575,000

belarus tractor price in pakistan

Belarus Russia tractor is more expensive than other tractors in Pakistan due to strong and powerful engine and performance. Below are the prices of different models of Belarus tractor.

Tractor modelModelPrice
510 Simple20214,800,000
510 Simple20224,900,000
Draft Control20214,800,000
Draft Control20224,900,000
800 Simple20215,700,000
800 SPECIAL20215,600,000
Air Compressor20214,850,000
Air Compressor20224,950,000
820 Simple20215,700,000

How much does a tractor cost in Pakistan?

The price of a tractor in Pakistan varies depending on the brand, model, and horsepower. However, the average price of a new tractor in Pakistan is around PKR 2,000,000

385 tractor price in Pakistan 2023

Massey Ferguson MF 385: PKR 3,465,000 to PKR 4,585,000

Tractor price in pakistan 480

The price of a Fiat 480 tractor in Pakistan in 2023 ranges from PKR 1,898,000 to PKR 2,400,000. The exact price will vary depending on the condition of the tractor, the location of the dealership, and the time of year.

Ghazi Tractor price in Pakistan 2023 Today

NH-Ghazi 65 HP: PKR 2,550,000

260 Tractor Price in Pakistan

The price of a 260 tractor in Pakistan in 2023 ranges from PKR 2,550,000 to PKR 2,600,000 depending on the dealership and location.

Belarus tractor price in pakistan?

The price of a Belarus tractor in Pakistan in 2023 varies depending on the model and horsepower. However, the average price of a new Belarus tractor in Pakistan is around PKR 5,000,000.
Belarus 510: PKR 4,800,000 to PKR 4,900,000
Belarus 820: PKR 5,600,000 to PKR 5,700,000
Belarus 952: PKR 8,000,000 to PKR 8,200,000

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