Expected petrol rates from Feb 1 – Petrol Price in Pakistan

According to informed sources, the caretaker government led by Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar is considering an increase of Rs 7 per liter after the continuous decline in petrol and diesel prices.

Due to the increase in oil prices in the global market, there is a possibility of an increase in the prices of petroleum products in Pakistan from February 1. The government is considering increasing the price of petrol by Rs 7.85 and diesel by Rs 2.10.

Current Petroleum prices

The government of Pakistan fixes oil prices twice a month. On January 15, the government reduced the price of petrol by seven rupees while maintaining the price of diesel. Currently, the current price of petrol is Rs 259.34 while the price of high-speed diesel is Rs 276.21.

February 1-15 Petrol Price in Pakistan

Last week, the continuous increase in oil prices in the world market, the Ministry of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has decided to increase the prices of petroleum products.

PoLsOld PriceNew Price

Factors Affecting Petroleum prices in Pakistan

The following factors affect the prices of petrol and diesel in Pakistan:

International Oil Prices.

Over the past week, the price of petrol in the international market has increased, with the price of petrol increasing from $83 to $89 per barrel while the price of high-speed diesel increased from $93 to $97 per barrel. Along with this, the price of crude oil has also increased from 70 dollars per barrel to 80 dollars per barrel.

Pakistan Rupee Stability

During the last 15 days, the value of the Pakistani rupee has increased against the US dollar. Due to which experts believe that there is a possibility of a moderate change in the prices of petrol and diesel.

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