Fertilizer price in Pakistan 2024 | DAP, Urea, NP SSP

Most of the population of Pakistan is engaged in agriculture sector. Agriculture plays the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. Fertilizers play an important role in crop growth and plant growth. Today we will provide you complete information about DAP Fertilizer price in Pakistan.

Fertilizers are essential in agriculture as they provide plants with vital nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are often deficient in soil. These nutrients promote plant growth, increase crop yields, and improve food production, making them a fundamental tool for farmers to enhance agricultural productivity and ensure food security.

Fertilizer is an essential element for all crops. Farmers are very worried due to increasing fertilizer prices in recent times. Rising prices of fertilizers will not only affect crop production but also the income of farmers. Various factors are behind the rising prices of fertilizers which are explained in detail below. In today’s video, we will give you a detailed update on current fertilizer prices.

DAP fertilizer price in pakistan

Types of Fertilizers in Pakistan


Urea is a nitrogen-based fertilizer widely used for various crops. It provides a quick nitrogen boost to plants, promoting leafy growth.


Diammonium Phosphate): DAP is a phosphorus and nitrogen-based fertilizer. It’s essential for root development and flowering in plants.


Potash fertilizers contain potassium, which helps plants in various physiological processes and improves their resistance to diseases.

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Fertilizer Companies in Pakistan

These four major fertilizer companies are working in Pakistan

  • Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited
  • Engro Fertilizers Limited
  • Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited
  • Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited

fertilizer price in pakistan today

As of today, the price of Urea fertilizer in Pakistan is Rs. 4,200 per 50kg bag. The price of Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) fertilizer is Rs. 14,000 per 50kg bag.

Sona DAP50 KG 14,000
Sarsabz DAP50 KG 13,600
sona urea 50 KG 5,000
Zabardast Urea50 KG 5,400
Sarsabz NP 50 KG 81,00
SOP25 KG 11,570
MOP50 KG 11,800
Sarsabz CAN50 KG 21,20
NPK1 KG 200
Sona Boran3 KG 950
SSP 50 KG 2,700

Current Fertilizer Price in Pakistan

Fertilizer prices in Pakistan can vary depending on several factors, including:

Different types of fertilizers, like DAP, Urea, and NP, have different prices.

Brand, Popular brands like Fauji Fertilizer and FFC are priced slightly higher than lesser known brands.

  • Sona Urea (50 KG): PKR 4,800 – PKR 5,200
  • Sona DAP (50 KG): PKR 14,800 – PKR 15,500
  • Engro NP Plus (50 KG): PKR 7,300 – PKR 7,800
  • Sarsabz NP (50 KG): PKR 8,200 – PKR 8,500

NFDC (National Fertilizer Development Centre): This Department offers a table with retail sale prices of various fertilizer products across Pakistan.

Reason for increase in fertilizer price

The following factors are behind the increase in fertilizer prices in Pakistan.

Increase in global fertilizer prices

Pakistan imports much of its DAP fertilizer requirement from other countries, due to which fertilizer prices in Pakistan are linked to global supply and demand.

Exchange rate

The main reason for increase or decrease in fertilizer prices in Pakistan depends on the depreciation or appreciation of rupee.


The Government of Pakistan used to provide subsidy to the farmers in the prices of fertilizers.

Fertilizer Price in Pakistan


Sona Urea price in Pakistan 2024 today

As of today the current price of Sona Urea (50 KG): PKR 4,800 – PKR 5,200

Sona DAP price in Pakistan today

As of today December 2023 the price of Sona DAP (50 KG): PKR 14,800 – PKR 15,500

Nitrophos fertilizer Price in Pakistan Today

As of today the price of Sarsabz Nitrophos (50 KG): PKR 8,200

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