Rising Urea Prices in Pakistan Impact on Agriculture 2024

Urea fertilizer plays a Important role in Pakistani agriculture, contributing significantly to crop productivity. However, recent price hikes have raised concerns among farmers and policymakers. In this blog post, we delve into the reasons behind the rising cost of urea and its implications for both farmers and food security.

Importance of Urea Fertilizer

Urea, a nitrogen-rich compound, is essential for plant growth. It promotes healthy foliage, enhances yield, and ensures food security by increasing crop production. Without adequate urea application, Pakistan’s agricultural output would suffer.

Recent Price Increase

In recent months, urea prices have surged, impacting farmers across the country. The immediate consequences include higher input costs, which directly affect farmers’ profitability.

Current Urea Price in Pakistan

Fertilizer Brand Current Price
Sona UreaRs, 5,450 to Rs 5,500
Engro UreaRs, 5,450 to Rs, 5,500
Sarsabz UreaRs, 5,400 to Rs, 5,450
Babar SherRs, 5,400 to Rs, 5,450

Reasons for the Price Increase

Several factors contribute to the escalating cost of urea:

1. Global Market Trends

  • Rising Energy Costs: The energy-intensive production process for urea relies on natural gas. As global energy prices soar, so do production expenses.
  • Supply Chain Disruptions: Pandemic-related disruptions have affected logistics, leading to delays and increased transportation costs.

2. Domestic Factors

  • Government Policies: Changes in government policies regarding subsidies and import/export regulations influence urea prices.
  • Local Production: Pakistan’s domestic production capacity may not meet the growing demand, leading to supply shortages.
  • Black Market Activity/Hoarding: Unscrupulous practices exacerbate the situation, causing artificial scarcity and price manipulation.
Fertilizer Price in Pakistan

Impact on Farmers

The rising urea prices have severe implications for farmers:

Increased Input Costs

  • Farmers now allocate a larger portion of their budget to purchasing urea, affecting overall profitability.
  • Small-scale farmers, already vulnerable, face additional financial strain.

Threatened Crop Yields

  • Reduced urea application due to high costs directly impacts crop yields.
  • Lower yields jeopardize food security, especially for staple crops like wheat and rice.

Potential Solutions

Addressing the urea price surge requires concerted efforts:

Government Intervention

  • Price Controls: The government can regulate urea prices to prevent excessive hikes.
  • Targeted Subsidies: Subsidies specifically for small-scale farmers can alleviate their financial burden.

Exploring Alternatives

  • Organic Fertilizers: Promoting organic alternatives reduces reliance on urea.
  • Efficient Application Techniques: Educating farmers about optimal urea usage maximizes its effectiveness.
Urea Price in Pakistan

Collective Bargaining

  • Farmers’ collectives can negotiate better prices with suppliers and manufacturers.


The urea price increase poses a significant challenge to Pakistan’s agricultural sector. Sustainable solutions are crucial to support farmers and ensure food security. Balancing affordability, productivity, and environmental impact is essential for a resilient agricultural system.


How can farmers cope with rising urea prices?

A: Farmers should explore alternative fertilizers, adopt efficient practices, and advocate for fair pricing through collective action.

Q: What role does government policy play in urea prices?

A: Government policies directly impact subsidies, import/export regulations, and price controls, influencing the overall cost of urea.

Q: Why are urea prices increasing in Pakistan?

A. Urea prices in Pakistan are rising due to a combination of global market trends, domestic factors, and issues like black market activities and hoarding.

Q: How does the increase in urea prices impact farmers?

A: Farmers face increased input costs, reduced profitability, and potential threats to food security as rising urea prices affect their ability to afford essential fertilizers.

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